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September 12, 2016
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Finding Common Ground across the Pond

At GCI Health, we pride ourselves in doing things differently and bringing our passion for healthcare to what we do best for our clients. This includes working seamlessly across country borders to combine senior expertise and local market knowledge to push boundaries and deliver exceptional around-the-clock service.

From London Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge, this drive to do something different is at the very heart of our global agency culture. Our values are the foundation of who we are as an agency.

Each office certainly has an “It” factor and specialties as it is the talents of individual staff members that make up GCI Health. However, after working for an extended time from both our New York and London offices, I’ve seen our agency values in action across the global network.

• We put patients at the center of everything we do because they are why we do what we do. Before starting any programming, we make every effort to understand the patient perspective so we can meet them where they are and deliver resources they need – whether that translates to a national consumer campaign or a toolkit to guide conversations between patients and their doctors. This can encompass everything from online research and surveys, to interviews with the actual patients we’re looking to help.
• We think outside the box to deliver original programming grounded in strategic insights. We leverage key insights from patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and patient advocates, and seek inspiration from outside the realm of healthcare to elevate our clients with ground-breaking, award-winning programs.
• We foster collaboration to pull together the best talent and resources across our global network. We work across offices to ensure all our work is informed by our global knowledge base in consumer health, medical education, digital strategy, media relations and regional regulations.
• We nurture talent to cultivate diverse and specialized career paths. My personal experience is testament to this value. When I expressed my desire to move to London to gain global communications experience, GCI Health facilitated the transition to develop my personal career and enrich both offices. It didn’t matter that I was the first person to complete an extended placement in an international office. GCI Health was flexible, working with me across borders and time zones.

No matter what’s in our cups, fresh brewed coffee or Earl Grey, our values remain the same. Put patients first. Champion originality. Foster collaboration. Nurture talent.

Written by Lindsey Colegrove, Senior Account Executive