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November 16, 2017
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Wendy Lund Named to MM&M/PRWeek’s 50 Top Health Influencers

For the second year in a row, Wendy Lund, CEO, GCI Health, has been named to MM&M/PRWeek’s 50 Top Health Influencers. According to Mark Iskowitz, editor in chief of MM&M, “Nearly all facets of the healthcare industry are either being disrupted, or are, as they say, ripe for disruption. And these 50 seasoned executives possess the essential qualities needed to capitalize on the seismic shifts.”

This year’s list recognizes 50 of the biggest players from among hundreds of professionals considered across the biopharma, agencies and government sectors, and among them many of the most essential executives in healthcare marketing. To be an influencer takes prescience to anticipate transformative trends. The next ingredient is perspective, to recognize when the time is right for biotech, pharma, and medtech companies to embrace the new. Last, but not least, an influencer must have the persuasiveness to get others to follow suit.

Mike Hudnall, CEO of WPP Health & Wellness provided the below profile on Wendy featured on the Health Influencer site:

Passion, conviction, tenacity, and achievement are probably the hallmarks of Wendy’s leadership style. Over her 30-plus year career, Wendy’s innate drive to push boundaries, find the better way, and champion gender equality have made an indelible mark across the WPP network, client organizations, and health communications.

In our increasingly dynamic industry, effective, visionary leadership is mandatory, and Wendy brings that and so much more to the table. On her watch, GCI Health has quadrupled revenue, exponentially increased its client base, expanded its European footprint, and cemented its reputation as a leader in the healthcare PR space.

Wendy’s commitment to people, including peers, employees, clients, and female business leaders, is one of the key attributes that sets her apart. She’s actively nurtured an environment of collaboration, innovation, and inclusion that yields impressive results. Wendy embodies many of WPP Health & Wellness’ core values, and I am honored to count her among our closest network partners.

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