Great Client Initiatives

At GCI Health, every employee lives by the mantra “Let’s Do Something Different,” a
shared commitment to take time to harness our passion for healthcare PR to challenge
ourselves to do things differently for our clients, helping them achieve their
objectives while setting them apart from the pack.

Sector Expertise



MS Visionaries in First-Ever Collaboration with Yahoo Health

To celebrate innovations that have transformed the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) landscape and the overall management of the disease, Biogen Idec and GCI Health created a revolutionary collaboration with the #1 search engine, Yahoo Health, to launch MS Visionaries™, a program to raise awareness of unique efforts to help people with MS.  MS Visionaries showcased self-starters who developed groundbreaking tools, outreach efforts or services to benefit the MS community and educated a broad online audience that people with MS can do more despite their diagnosis, through touching patient accounts.  MS Visionaries content amassed more than 200 million online impressions and nearly 178,000 click-throughs.  In addition, the celebrity program ambassador, Jason Silva, participated in multiple top-tier national interviews resulting in more than 150 million media impressions in outlets such as Fox & Friends, ABC News Now, NPR and Sirius XM Radio.

Establishing a Market Leader with a High-Profile Product

GCI Health was responsible for launching a high-profile ophthalmology drug for a company new to this therapeutic category.  Prior to the FDA approval of the therapy, media coverage of the drug primarily focused on the anticipated cost and a cheaper alternative being widely used off-label.  By going broad and deep with news of the approval with an innovative approach that incorporated non-traditional elements, the drug became widely known as a breakthrough treatment and its developer was quickly and firmly established as a leader in ophthalmology.