Great Client Initiatives

At GCI Health, every employee lives by the mantra “Let’s Do Something Different,” a
shared commitment to take time to harness our passion for healthcare PR to challenge
ourselves to do things differently for our clients, helping them achieve their
objectives while setting them apart from the pack.

Sector Expertise

Health Tech

Global Comprehensive Solutions to Raise Awareness of Healthcare Technology Company

Since 2009, GCI Health has provided a Bay Area healthcare technology company with strategic counsel, media engagement and PR support surrounding corporate positioning and product launches and enhancements. GCI Health spearheaded efforts to get the company on the map with consistent appearances in national media and in relevant trades by establishing crucial relationships with selected journalists. In order to initiate and grow these relationships, GCI Health had to first translate the highly complex corporate story into ones that would easily resonate with a wide range of audiences. Second, the GCI Health team partnered with the client to identify independent end users of all the company’s solutions to help tell the story of how technology was impacting both clinical research and patient care in an actionable manner. GCI Health has helped raise awareness for the company as it expands its solution franchise to include applications for government agencies, health plans, health systems, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers across the United States and Europe.

Advancing Home Healthcare Monitoring Services among Physicians, Patients and Government Agencies

GCI Health worked with a leading home healthcare monitoring device company, and was charged with extending conversations surrounding devices that engage patients in their homes. The portable device would then send alerts and feedback to care coordinators who could use the information to help identify those who needed care in order to prevent an emergency department visit or other major health situation. The team worked closely with the company to identify physician ambassadors and patients who were able to share anecdotal stories about how the device was able to influence when and how patients were engaged by their care coordinator, which then impacted the health outcome. The program included work with health systems and government agencies, including the Center for Medicare and Medicaid and the National Committee for Quality Assurance, to demonstrate the potential impact on health outcomes. GCI Health’s approach to the program resulted in over 110 national and trade placements, a peer-reviewed manuscript and executive testimonial in front of a Congressional subcommittee.