Great Client Initiatives

At GCI Health, every employee lives by the mantra “Let’s Do Something Different,” a
shared commitment to take time to harness our passion for healthcare PR to challenge
ourselves to do things differently for our clients, helping them achieve their
objectives while setting them apart from the pack.

Therapeutic Experience


Taking Diabetes to Heart

To create surround-sound noise about our client’s leadership in diabetes at the 2013 American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions, GCI Health brought celebrity chef Art Smith to Chicago as part of the Taking Diabetes to Heart educational program. The campaign aims to help people living with type 2 diabetes understand that small, but important, changes in their lifestyle can help them better manage the disease. Chef Art completed a media tour with local broadcast, national and local print and online outlets, cooking up diabetes-friendly recipes and discussing his personal type 2 diabetes story. A local food truck was also prominently displayed at the ADA exhibit hall where visitors gathered to sample diabetes-friendly snacks. GCI Health’s innovative thinking helped ensure the client was front-and-center at the medical meeting, without compelling data to present.

Connecting Parents Around Early Onset Puberty in Children

Central Precocious Puberty (CPP) is a rare, pediatric condition where puberty can start earlier then eight or ten years old. To bring awareness to this condition, GCI Health developed the Connecting Parents-to-Parents online community. The community allowed parents to register anonymously and discreetly, but provided the option to connect with other parents directly without compromising their privacy or identities. To drive awareness of the program GCI Health undertook a national and targeted local media campaign to drive awareness of the condition.