I am sitting in the waiting room, scrolling through my phone, my anxiety rising. It is an hour after my appointment time and the doctor is running late. For a busy wife, mom, entrepreneur and cancer survivor, this is not good news.

Thankfully, I am not here for the results of a cancer-related scan or blood test. Today I am at an orthopedist to have my pinky finger examined. Yes, the pinky finger on my right hand which I injured six months earlier in a brutal family dodgeball game (no snickering please!)

Now in the interest of full disclosure, my finger really hurt when the accident occurred. I thought that I had probably sprained it and that it would heal on its own. As the weeks turned into months, my pinky still didn’t feel right. I kept promising myself that I would get it checked as soon as I had the time.

The nurse calls me in. One examination and two x-rays later, here is my diagnosis. My finger is broken with ligament damage and because I had waited so long to treat it, I would now have to see a hand surgeon. (sigh)

Like many women, I am guilty of putting my busy family and work life ahead of my own health. In fact, REDBOOK magazine recently announced the results of a “HealthiHer” survey that they conducted with HealthyWomen, and GCI Health to determine the well-being habits of women ages 30-60.

Of the 1,000 women polled, 45 percent responded that they do not make time to focus on their own health. (Sound familiar?) 83 percent said that they are happy to manage their family’s health, while only 66 percent said that they feel only “somewhat in control” of their own health. Now that’s concerning.

To motivate women to make their health a priority REDBOOK, HealthyWomen, and GCI Health have joined forces to launch the HealthiHer Movement. REDBOOK Executive Editor, Sara Smith explains why, “So our readers can become a “healthier her” for herself, her family, and society.”

Being an advocate for my own health during my double mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer was easy. The very nature of treatment for cancer or any serious illness requires a laser focus. Patients are totally engulfed in the urgent nature of medical care and personal recovery.

As I was re-taping my pinky splint and preparing to call the hand surgeon, I realized that over time I had let my commitment to my health and well-being seriously slip. REDBOOK’s initiative resonates with me and it’s time for me to change.

Written by: Lisa Lurie