Inspired Exchanges: Virtual Panel Discussion


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, healthcare communicators have been forging an inspirational new path, transforming the way people think and talk about our industry and how healthcare is delivered. These past few months have given our industry a distinct opportunity to lead like never before, and the reputation of our industry has never been stronger, due to the incredible work to develop and deliver treatments, vaccines and diagnostics to try to stem the tide of this pandemic.

Healthcare communicators have been on the front lines of supporting their companies, internally and externally, with communications strategies and approaches that are authentic, empathic and, in many cases, forging bold new partnerships. To help advance and diversify our communications insights and strategic opportunities and work together to find better ways to connect with our stakeholders, GCI Health is partnering with Fierce Life Sciences to launch a virtual panel discussion, Inspired Exchanges.

Inspired Exchanges will take place on July 9 from 10:00-11:30 a.m. ET, bringing together industry leaders for candid conversations about the new realities and opportunities healthcare communicators face in our rapidly evolving environment.


Inspired Exchanges

Thursday, July 9, 2020 10:00 AM ET
Unprecedented Public Support for Pharma: An Opportunity to Lead Like Never Before
The pharmaceutical industry’s reputation is changing for the better, driven by the industry’s innovative and heartfelt response to the pandemic. Companies have an opportunity to build on their communications strategies and step up to lead important new conversations, with the understanding that the public is actively listening in a new way.

10:30 AM ET
How Policy and Public Health Communicators Can Drive Movement to Address Disparities
COVID-19 serves as another example of how long-standing disparities result in disproportionate health impact on marginalized communities. As our country grapples with recent unrest, how can policy and public health communicators collaborate to address systemic failures that continue to leave entire communities behind.

11:00 AM ET
Communications During Times of Widespread Unrest
The world is enduring unprecedented stress over the past few months dealing with an unexpected global pandemic, lost jobs, an increase in depression and an uncertain future. During these unprecedented times, how can companies adapt communication efforts to acknowledge stakeholders’ “new normal” and ensure that messages aren’t misconstrued or tone deaf.

Our goal is for participants to walk away with tangible insights and strategies to apply to their own activities and to continue to build on the good work – and good will – that has been achieved these last few months. We hope you will be able to join and can’t wait to “see” you there!