Natalia Forsyth Named to 2021 MM+M 40 Under 40


Natalia Forsyth, Senior Vice President, Head of Influencer Engagement, has been named to the 2021 MM+M 40 Under 40 class. When it comes to patient engagement, Natalia Forsyth was ahead of the curve. On a 2009 trip to Nepal, she found that teens on the internet had formed online health communities, trading knowledge in an area with limited healthcare access. Forsyth took that insight and ran with it, first to Wego Health, where she built some of the first online health communities and pioneered patient-influencer engagement, then to Novartis, where she launched the award-winning Living Like You platform. In her first six months at GCI, she built out the agency’s influencer offering (including Walgreens’ largest influencer program) and launched a TikTok program for the Trevor Project. She also finds time to volunteer with refugees, teach yoga and consult across key client portfolios.