Wendy Lund



It is a real honor to write about Wendy Lund as she receives this recognition. Sure, she is an excellent health industry comms practitioner who helps clients solve big challenges on a daily basis. However, when I think about Wendy, three things come to mind: incredible passion for the business; unwavering tenacity to get the right things done; and authentic, early day advocacy for women and moms in the workplace.

I was lucky enough to join MSL when Wendy ran the New York office years ago. She had a palpable business sensibility, but conveyed empathy and compassion as a modern-day leader should. She still does. And when it comes to advocating for her teams, you want her on your side. Talent that works for Wendy rarely strays.

Her leadership has led GCI Health to great financial results and creative excellence over the years, and she shows no sign of slowing down. As our overall industry continues to transform, I look forward to seeing how Wendy continues to evolve GCI. No doubt she will.

By Renee Wilson