Priming a New Audience for Protein

A lot of consumers associate nutritional protein shakes with older generations, or sick patients who can’t handle solid food. This was the challenge GCI Health faced when we set out to launch and drive demand for a client’s newest nutritional protein drink among a younger target audience of adults 45 years and older. GCIH developed a compelling platform that positioned our client as a trusted lifestyle brand with a new product that gives adults the strength and energy they need to reach their everyday health goals. Through top-tier spokesperson interviews, social media activities and strategic influencer engagement, we educated adults about the nutrition gap in their diets and encouraged them to try this convenient new option. The success of our program led to major sales growth at launch, a score of national broadcast placements, local market penetration in key cities and social media efforts reaching an audience of more than 80 million users.

As our bodies, change and age, we need to be getting the right amount of protein.

Kate Walsh, Actress

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