O’Dwyer’s Feature: The Push for Patient-Focused Healthcare


Kim Sammons, GCI Health’s Senior Vice President for Patient Initiatives and Advocacy, provides thought-leadership on the most effective ways to keep patients at the forefront of healthcare communication endeavors. Many critical insights are revealed on the approaches that need to be taken when tailoring communication efforts to various audiences. Read the full feature here.

GCI Health forged a partnership with Hearst women’s title Redbook and online health information source HealthyWomen.org. The HealthiHER Project is an attempt to better understand the health habits of women 30-60 years of age. As a first step in the project, there will be a survey of women in that demographic, addressing their healthcare decisions and needs. The goal of the research is to give these women the information and inspiration they need to make healthier choices. “We’re excited to be working with Redbook and HealthyWomen to uncover some key insights that will help us better communicate with this important population,” said GCI Health CEO Wendy Lund.

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