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Our service offerings evolve with the transforming healthcare and communications landscapes. Our approach is rooted in looking at all stakeholders as people and what motivates, influences and resonates with them in their daily lives.

People Centricity™

At GCI Health, we put people at the center of everything we do. Whether it’s patients, healthcare providers, our clients or our staff, we are in the business of people. Our signature platform, People at the Center, serves as our guiding light in storytelling and programming, and inspires our teams and our clients to always remember there is a person who is being impacted by every communications effort we undertake. It also offers a path forward for healthcare organizations that are interested in “walking the walk” when it comes to patient centricity, illuminating the core insight that patients want to be seen as whole, unique people – not just patients living with and defined by a disease. To take this platform to the next level, we recently launched, People Centricity™. This new innovation is an insight engine that harnesses the business-driven principles of customer centricity with the value-driven tenets of patient centricity into a strategic roadmap for healthcare organizations that want to engage their key stakeholders in more authentic ways. People Centricity™ is fueled by cutting-edge research tools, immersive listening vehicles and first-of-their-kind partnerships that help our clients see their stakeholders as people – not just as patients or professionals.

Media Relations

Our media team of former reporters and producers have insider knowledge on the best ways to shape meaningful and compelling stories in partnership with media. They understand what makes these influencers tick – both personally and professionally – and those relationships drive great media coverage, message penetration and inclusion of clear calls to action that inspire activation. On a parallel path, our in-house media trainers work with our clients’ ambassadors to make sure messages are delivered clearly and effectively.

Digital & Content Marketing

GCI Health has conceived and executed best- and first-in-class initiatives across the digital spectrum, including award-winning social campaigns and communities, online influencer collaborations, research/insight mining, and web content development, distribution and strategy. Our digital health strategists help clients transform and diversify their reputations through digital and social media in a strategic, compliant manner, a customized approach that we call "revolutionize realistically.”

Scientific Communications

As self-declared science “geeks,” we excel at communicating complex concepts and high-science information in ways that resonate with today’s stakeholders. In an era of tremendous promise, as well as challenges, we focus on helping clients successfully navigate and maximize communications – while preparing for and addressing issues – at every phase of a product’s lifecycle, from market development through maturity.

Education & Activation

Infused throughout our programming is a firm belief in the power of patients to take control of their own health. That is why our focus has shifted in recent years from traditional approaches of brand or disease-state awareness to those centered on engagement and activation. Our People at the Center signature platform is aimed at continually uncovering the most innovative, effective ways of putting patients at the forefront of communication strategies, recognizing that we must view them as people, first and foremost.

Product Launches

As a specialty healthcare agency, product launches are a foundational element of our work. From preclinical announcements to Phase 3 data readouts to pre- and post-regulatory milestones, we pride ourselves on being launch concierges who differentiate healthcare brands in virtually every therapeutic area to prepare the market and drive growth. We have managed multiple high-profile data announcements that led and supported successful global launches.

Corporate Communications & Responsibility

We know there is an intrinsic link between corporate and product communications. Our clients engage us to define, redefine and shape their values as an organization, and to position their leadership in an evolving and increasingly complex healthcare landscape. Our work includes corporate positioning and branding, executive visibility, issues management, cause-related marketing, corporate social responsibility, business media relations, investor relations and reporting communications.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

Our internal communications programs create cohesion in times of change, celebrate brand milestones and ensure consistent communication across an organization. Our clients appreciate that we bring a deep understanding of what motivates employees at healthcare companies today – a shared passion for the patient and a desire to be recognized in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

B2B Strategies

Our business-to-business strategies are known for driving results that impact other business units, including sales, customer service and corporate relations. Each business story is unique, and we work to identify the white space that can truly differentiate our clients. Our multi-channel approach caters to decision makers and end users at all levels by delivering an arsenal of customized content and online resources to help propel engagement beyond PR.

Pricing, Access, Value Excellence (PAVE)

As we move towards a more value-driven healthcare system, access and reimbursement models continue to evolve. GCI Health supports our clients’ strategies by managing communications around pricing and access, educating stakeholders about company efforts to ensure access, and building value propositions that resonate with healthcare professionals, payers, policymakers and other key stakeholders.

Design and Production

We bring our clients’ stories to life visually through our in-house “GCI Health by Design” studio, a full-service multimedia design and production department providing complete graphic design services across all sectors of the healthcare industry. Our dedicated team has more than 30 years of design experience in branding, advertising, mobile and website development.



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We strive to be the best healthcare agency in the world, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


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We pride ourselves on being a workplace where people want to come to work every day in an effort to do something different for our clients, colleagues and the community.


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Our agency is driven by a seasoned team of dynamic account leaders who demonstrate the hallmarks of success in our industry -- innovation, client focus, and strong business acumen.


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GCI Health is continually recognized for creating breakthrough programming that delivers unprecedented results, ultimately adding to our clients’ business performance.

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