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Our service offerings evolve with the transforming healthcare and communications landscapes. Our approach is rooted in looking at all stakeholders as people and what motivates, influences and resonates with them in their daily lives.

Our Offerings

As the way people work, communicate and think about healthcare transforms dramatically, it’s essential for healthcare organizations to stay ahead of the curve. During these disruptive and uncertain times, it’s essential that we find authentic ways to engage, contribute to the discourse and support people living with health conditions. At GCI Health, our North Star remains breakthrough science, technology and the people it is intended to help.

People Centricity™

People Centricity™ is our proprietary approach to insight-driven communications that marries the business-based principles of customer centricity and the value-based tenets of patient centricity to create breakthrough strategies and stories that speak to key stakeholders as people, first and foremost. We harness the latest in data-driven analytics, behavioral science and stakeholder listening through our various partners to profile stakeholders as people… what makes them think, feel and act differently.

Media Relations

As former journalists, our team of media professionals knows the media personally. In this transformed media environment with reporters working differently, our media team is responding by being nimble to ensure reporters are getting the content they need to develop their stories. To break through the COVID clutter, our media strategies must center on advance education and highly visual, easy-to-follow content that makes deep coverage possible.

Digital & Content Marketing

As the online health community continues to expand, we’re combining new technologies with tested techniques to create connections and help our clients revolutionize realistically. At the heart of our digital work is the recognition that it is more important than ever to listen. Our proprietary research tools allow us to understand the evolving concerns and key topics resonating with our audiences so we can create strategies and content that reflect real-time changes in stakeholder perception. Once we have an authentic story at the center, we deploy targeted channel selection and paid promotion that ensure our content is reaching audiences who are seeking content and connections within social networks, websites and search engines.

Influencer Engagement

Influencers are seeing an increase in engagement on their posts – some garnering over double their pre-COVID-19 engagement. The types of influencers are also expanding with healthcare providers leveraging online platforms like never before to forge connections and share their voice. Our collaborations with influencers focus on customized strategies, ranging from well-known celebrities to micro-influencers in close-knit communities, and taking many forms of co-created content, including blogs, webinars, travelogues, social video and livestreaming.

Scientific Communications

Now more than ever, industry has an unprecedented opportunity to respond to the world’s biggest challenges with science. Our scientific communications team is skilled at translating complex and technical information into content that will resonate with a variety of audiences, combining high-level writing and editing skills with a deep understanding of the unique requirements of writing for a variety of platforms.

Product Launches

As a specialty healthcare agency, product launches are a foundational element of our work. From preclinical announcements to Phase 3 data readouts to pre- and post-regulatory milestones, we pride ourselves on being launch concierges who differentiate healthcare brands in virtually every therapeutic area to prepare the market and drive growth. Of late, we have culled best practices across the industry’s recent launches to better understand how we can best break through.

Corporate Communications

Too often, companies are seen as impersonal entities and not for the people they employ or serve. Similarly, the individuals who represent corporate stakeholder organizations are overlooked as people whose past experiences, priorities, objectives and needs inform their behavior.
Our approach is rooted in the creation of a people-driven narrative that reflects a company’s unique attributes, approach and culture. The result is an engaging and highly resonant corporate story that enables companies to forge personal and powerful connections to each stakeholder audience and each person within those groups.

Internal Communications & Employee Engagement

Employees are craving culture more than ever given the fear and uncertainty in their lives. But culture content must also be authentic to the organization. We’re embracing employee engagement in new ways through HR communications, remote working best practices, re-entry strategies and communications, virtual town halls, intranet development, virtual cultural initiatives, change management, and virtual field force communications.

B2B Strategies

Our business-to-business strategies are known for driving results and positively impacting other business units, including sales, customer service and corporate relations. We work to understand the needs of all business decision-makers and ensure they are equipped to provide the best possible solutions for their end-users. While each business story is unique, we work to identify a white space where we can truly differentiate companies.

Pricing, Access, Value, Excellence (PAVE)

Given today’s challenging economic climate, access to medicine and technology is more important than ever. Our PAVE™ (Pricing, Access and Value Excellence) offering helps our clients navigate today’s heavy focus on value, access and pricing. We apply a communications perspective to the increasingly heated public discourse, political and policy pressures, and subjective media coverage around drug pricing, in addition to creating favorable access environments for our clients’ brands and reputations.

GCI Health’s PAVE supports our clients’ commercial and communications objectives by educating targeted stakeholders about company efforts to broaden access, while building value propositions, narratives and programming that resonate with healthcare professionals, payers, patients, advocates and policymakers.

Design & Production

In response to a growing need for multimedia content, “GCI Health by Design” has been formed as a full-service design and production department, providing complete graphic design and video services. Our award-winning print and digital capabilities include video shoots and editing, animation production, press kit development, logo design and branding, bio design and headshots, presentation templates, media-ready images and infographics. We also specialize in designing internal materials, including on-campus banners/posters, e-cards, town hall slides, employee awards, etc. The team has more than 30 years of design experience in advertising, interactive, mobile, trade show/event support, annual report design and employee training.

Global Public Health

We have a unique understanding of the evolving global public health agenda – including key trends, stakeholders and the policy landscape around many areas– that ensures a high level of strategic thinking and client counsel. Our staff has a passion for global public health and CSR. They bring rich experience with leading companies, nonprofits, foundations and the UN system.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The need for corporate social responsibility has never been greater. Companies will be remembered by their response to COVID-19 and the important dialogue happening around racism and the disparities it creates. Those who reach out to care for their people... customers, employees and communities… will rise above their competitors, inspiring confidence and cultivating loyalty for the long term. We’re embracing CSR through value-based and purpose-driven partnerships, corporate philanthropy and strategic investments, social innovation and patient assistance, employee engagement and volunteerism, sustainability and business integration.

Virtual Stakeholder Events

As events go virtual, customization, personalization and use of new technologies are key to engage stakeholders and maintain their attention. We are helping our clients execute consumer engagement events, virtual media/blogger roundtables, influencer meetings, virtual media tours, workshops, thought leadership panels, client/agency planning meetings, and internal/employee events. Conferencing technologies and multiscreen integrations allow us to create custom experiences that can educate and motivate viewers, prompting additional pass-along to others.

Issues Management

COVID-19 has created a
“perfect storm” for emerging issues that can negatively influence a company’s reputation and business as a whole. A new level of transparency is expected and appreciated. In addition to the traditional challenges faced by healthcare organizations, we are helping our clients manage emerging issues such as workforce reductions, on-site exposure/disease outbreaks, manufacturing and supply chain disruptions, regulatory/product launch delays, delays in ongoing and clinical trials, clinical development updates/failures, and stock price/investor concerns.

Health Policy & Public Affairs

Understanding the complexities of policy, regulation and what drives policy influencers is central to the success of healthcare companies. GCI Health’s public affairs and health policy team offers a deep knowledge of the policy, political, regulatory and media environments with a forward-looking perspective on how to guide, facilitate and prompt change to meet the brand, reputation and advocacy priorities of our clients. Integrated across our work, we partner with leading healthcare companies and organizations and their stakeholders to shape and navigate their response to policy-centered business challenges, elevate their perspective and drive dialogue with influencers and policymakers, build lasting and trusted relationships with stakeholders, influence policy and ensure their purpose and positions are well understood.



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