our mission

GCI Health has a straightforward vision: to be the best multi-channel communications firm in the world specializing in health and wellness. Today we are known for our deep, far-reaching knowledge of the healthcare environment, unrelenting client service, unrivaled talent, forward-thinking capabilities and a passion to drive transformation in healthcare delivery through communications. We achieve this by continuing to pursue our mission of recruiting and retaining the best and brightest talent in healthcare communications. This mission profoundly informs our culture of “doing something different” for our clients, colleagues and community.


Through our spot-on strategies, breakthrough programming and flawless execution, we aim to break the mold, not the rules.

what we offer

GCI Health is a full-service integrated communications agency inspired by the ever-changing face of healthcare.

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54% of Women Say They're Still More Stressed Than Their Partner


Imagine that a health epidemic affected the vast majority of U.S. women, with about 65% suffering from its symptoms daily and 40% of those experiencing them multiple times a day. Imagine that it could mess with your appetite and sleep, pockmark your rel...

It’s time to advocate for caregivers


When someone is diagnosed with a health condition, their entire support system feels the impact. As patients begin navigating their “new normal,” family members and friends may find themselves facing challenges as they take on the role of caregiver. We ...

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