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GCI hero section about diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equity, opportunity and belonging

GCI commitment about diversity, equity and inclusion

Our commitment: It’s about all of us

As communicators driven to advance the health and well-being of all, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is fundamental to what we do, who we are and how we inspire success. Our DE&I lens shapes how we view and engage our employees, clients and the people they serve.

We believe that diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations are built and sustained through both a structural and individual approach. As an agency Inspired by People, we intentionally hire and empower teams that mirror the different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, identities and perspectives that fuel our world. We believe diverse voices are indispensable in delivering our very best work: crafting authentic narratives that illuminate a path forward, creating compelling campaigns that lead with empathy and supporting our clients as catalysts of change.

We work to build pathways for professional and personal success and nurture a community with safe spaces for belonging, letting our people guide us along the way. We aspire to be thoughtful and responsive in our words and actions. As needs change, so do we.

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Dante, Head of DEI, U.S.

Supporting an inclusive structure

DE&I is foundational to a healthy workplace, and we are on a journey to ensure equity is embedded into our agency. Our Diversity Recruitment Plan in the U.S. focuses on attracting, hiring and supporting candidates from many different backgrounds. We leverage data to track our progress and hold ourselves accountable for making strides in creating an inclusive workplace. 

We strive to make space for open, safe and honest employee conversations and build teams that encourage diversity of thought. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are centered on Parents & Caregivers, Jewish Faith & Friends, People of Culture and Outs & Allies, to create welcoming environments for employee conversations and connections. 

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Empowering individuals

We are committed to giving our people the knowledge, skills and tools needed to contribute to a culture of belonging. Our teams participate in Implicit Bias Training and 9 Skills for Inclusion to understand unconscious bias and the science behind it. These trainings help employees turn insight into action to be more inclusive leaders. 

We also support programs such as the McKinsey Management Accelerator, which enables high-performing professionals representing diverse ethnic and racial entities to enhance adaptability and resilience, sharpen problem solving for impact and help their organizations set and execute business strategies. 

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Building cultural competency

Cross-cultural communication takes understanding, practice and intentional work. We regularly conduct trainings and develop unique programming to expand awareness. By building a common language around DE&I, we can better communicate and connect across cultures and differences.

In the U.S., our popular @TheIntersection speaker series explores the lived experiences and intersectionality in healthcare. Past topics have explored Black Women Providers as Conduits To Improve Health Outcomes in Women, Improving Heart Health for Latinas Using Social Media, Sober LGBTQ Digital Communications and more. We seek new ways to apply these lessons in our personal lives and work as communicators.

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