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Our Culture

Come do great work with great people

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Make good things happen here

GCI Health is a destination for people looking to make a difference in the healthcare sector. Our mission is to see our people succeed professionally and personally. We’ve created a culture and environment that are supportive and stimulating. We’re always looking for new ways to help our people learn and grow, because the well-being of our people is at the heart of everything we stand for.

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Our pact with our people

At GCI Health, we don’t make promises lightly. The GCI Health People Pact is our commitment to every employee. As a member of our team, you will enjoy the same opportunities, respect, collaboration and purposeful work – no matter where in the world you work. Ultimately, we want you to accomplish what you set out to achieve at work, but also at home.

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    Our agency experience

    Radical flexibility is central to how we do things. Your physical, mental and social well-being matter to us as much as your productivity and performance. We maintain an inclusive, respectful, fun-loving environment where your priorities, responsibilities and work style are honored and supported.

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    Our focus on you

    You matter! We enthusiastically celebrate your contributions and successes. Your talents and passions guide your individual career path. By providing consistent and tangible feedback, we find and create opportunities for your ongoing growth. We work closely with you to provide development that best supports your goals and aspirations.

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    Our commitment to team

    We actively recruit employees with diverse skills, experiences and perspectives to enrich our community and collective work. To ensure no good ideas go unheard, we encourage a collaborative environment where everyone is comfortable being themselves. It’s not just talk, it’s how we roll.

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    The difference we make

    To us, work is more than just business. It’s the chance to make meaningful and inspiring contributions to positive outcomes. As a community dedicated to improving people’s lives, we seek new opportunities to promote health equity and give back through sustainable and ongoing initiatives. Each year, we support many nonprofits and non-governmental organizations through volunteerism, mentoring and financial contributions.

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