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Communicators Pursue Path to Health Equity

Engagement is a strength that communicators bring to bear across the board. In the healthcare space, though, that importance is magnified because ensuring all communities have access to healthcare information can save lives. That is often the first step to reaching people and changing patient behavior.

In a recent roundtable discussion hosted by PRWeek, Tenee Hawkins, EVP at GCI Health and head of Kaleidoscope, the agency’s multicultural practice, shared a powerful story that highlights the impact of consistent communications efforts in the healthcare space. At a community screening event, a man approached her to tell her that attending a similar event alerted his wife to her alarmingly high blood pressure. They had only found out about the event through consistent communications efforts. And the discovery led to life-saving treatment for her kidney disease.

This story underscores the critical role that communicators play in ensuring that all communities have access to healthcare information. The panel discussion featured a range of experts from different organizations, including Natalie Asorey, program lead, CJCxNYC, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications; Jackson Budinger, senior director of comms, The Trevor Project; Ann Marie Gothard, VP, global corporate media relations, Henry Schein; Jessica Orozco Guttlein, SVP for policy and communications, The Hispanic Federation; Manan Shah, VP, global health equity and policy partnerships, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS); Marissa Solan, director, US external communications, Haleon and Adrienne Verrilli, VP of comms, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The panelists discussed the importance of engaging with diverse communities and tailoring messaging to meet their unique needs. They also emphasized the need for collaboration across different sectors to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare information and resources.

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