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An Accountability Strategy That Meets the Moment

Health communications professionals find themselves at a historic juncture, with an opportunity to leverage the unprecedented public perception of the biopharmaceutical industry to broker a new path forward—one that unites industry, communities and policymakers together in service of a collective vision: a healthier future for all.

By bringing traditionally separate functions together, organizations can more agilely work toward a set of shared goals, rather than being divided by brand, function or discipline.

The Public Affairs Trifecta model is built on the premise that global health, advocacy and public policy should exist interdependently, whenever possible. As in a horse racing trifecta, every horse runs the race, but when bet on together, they have the potential to yield a far greater return.

Read the full article, “An Accountability Strategy That Meets the Moment,” that appeared in O’Dwyer’s PR, bylined by GCI Health’s Ryan Kuresman, Kim Sammons and Trey Watkins.