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Facts Aren’t Enough to Fight Disinformation

During the Devex Leader Roundtable: The Global Health Leaders Edition, GCI Health’s Trey Watkins and top global health experts highlighted how the convergence of public health crises requires a new global health narrative. Experts shared the following perspective:

#1 Be additive, not competitive: Situate global health needs within, not against, other priorities to maintain relevance and maximize efficiencies.

#2 Resonate: To drive impact, our global health narrative must resonate with stakeholders – whether policymakers, shareholders or the public. An increased focus on the messenger is key in a new era of digital and social influence, and most importantly, communities must be engaged as co-creators and experts.

#3 Shatter the silos: Re-frame how we partner to drive sustainable impact, tapping into communities as expert advisors and leveraging the private sector, including at the local level, for greater innovation.

You can watch the fireside chat here.