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Healthcare Marketers Won’t Be Left Behind in the Metaverse

It’s easy to dismiss the metaverse as the media world’s latest shiny object. After all, a functional metaverse as currently envisioned is likely years in the distance, and most companies still can’t define exactly what it is, or what it might eventually be.

But in an unexpected break from the industry’s usual cautious approach to adopting new technologies, leading life sciences organizations — everyone from CVS to Pfizer to Cedars-Sinai — are galloping forward, trying on digital opportunities that range from simple to scientific. As varied as the early experiments are, there is an exciting common denominator: They’re all based on the belief that the industry can create new ways to blend physical and virtual worlds — and in the process, make people healthier. 

While pharma has a well-earned reputation for digital timidity, GCI Health EVP and U.S. head of digital and innovation Kristin Ryan notes that “clients are more prepared for learning. They want to be ahead. They’re saying, ‘Tell us what’s next and where we should be a year from now.’”

Ryan believes healthcare organizations are ready to pony up and commit, even if they lack clarity around budgeting for metaverse initiatives. “Pharma has done a good job recruiting digital talent, and in the last two years they’ve radically accelerated adoption of digital,” she adds.

The above is an excerpt from the article which appeared in MM+M. You can continue reading the full article here.