Preventing Dog Flu

As the U.S. was experiencing a rise in dog flu, a pharmaceutical client specializing in animal health introduced the first vaccine to target the newest strain of the disease and engaged GCI Health to help them gain market share. We launched a program to give to dogs a “voice” to tell their stories and emphasize why they want to be protected from dog flu, partnering with a top dog influencer and local veterinarians for pet-friendly events in cities that were previously impacted by outbreaks. We developed a digital tour album with photos from the events and information on dog flu, encouraging pet parents to talk to their vet about vaccination and visit online resources for more information. Our program showcased dogs around the country, connecting with pet owners, veterinarians and pet professionals to harness the emotional power of a dog lover’s desire to keep their dogs safe from diseases. The campaign reached more than 413 million people with key messages through print, broadcast, online and social media channels, directing over 66,000 visits to the campaign’s microsite.

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