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Trey Watkin_WHA77

A New Era of Global Health Requires a New Social Contract: Reflections From WHA77

World leaders recently joined members of the global health community for the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva. GCI Health’s Trey Watkins was there and shared key takeaways on the most pressing global health challenges and the implications for the healthcare sector.

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AI in Medical Imaging_News and Views

Through the Looking Glass: AI in Medical Imaging

As AI continues to advance, its role in medical imaging has become increasingly important. In this article, Cathy Chow, GCI Health’s Regional Head of Medical Communications EMEA, shares insights on the importance of representation in navigating the boundaries of AI's application in medical imaging.

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News and Views_DEI

Navigating in Headwinds: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Are the Rx for a Healthier Future

GCI Health’s Tenee Hawkins explains why it’s critical to double down on a commitment to DE&I to build the diverse healthcare teams needed to reach communities most impacted by chronic health conditions.

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Campaign Asia

Why It’s Important To Avoid Generic Healthcare Communications

GCI Health’s Glen Halliwell suggests that effective communication about healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region requires customization to address specific market concerns, such as an aging population, cultural norms and insurance practices.

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Black Women in Clinical Trials

New GCI Health Survey Examines Barriers to Black Women’s Participation in Clinical Trials

GCI Health released new research today that provides insight into Black women’s participation in clinical trials and challenges assumptions that have fueled their lack of representation.

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How To Keep It Real in an AI-Enabled World

Kristin Cahill shares new insight on how AI has the potential to power human-to-human connections in healthcare communications.

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Devex Trey Watkins

Facts Aren’t Enough to Fight Disinformation

Devex's Kate Warren hosted a fireside chat with GCI Health's Trey Watkins to discuss the current state of global health communications, and how communicators can respond to multiple competing challenges.

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How to Effectively Leverage Data to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Data are a cornerstone of authentic healthcare communications. Amy Inzanti discusses the importance of combining data-driven strategies with market knowledge and industry experience to create communications that breakthrough.

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Kianta Key and Matt Graffeo

Crossing the Divide: How Non-Traditional Approaches Can Transform Clinical Trial Recruitment

Hear how GCI Health is leveraging the power of identity and intersectionality to transform how we approach clinical trial recruitment and retention in this interview with MM+M.

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CES logo

GCI Health Exec Previews Health Tech Trends at CES 2023

CES 2023, one of the year’s biggest tech conferences, kicks off Thursday in Las Vegas with presentations from industry leaders like Samsung, LG and Nvidia among many others. The tech...

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