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GCI Health Exec Previews Health Tech Trends at CES 2023

CES 2023, one of the year’s biggest tech conferences, kicks off Thursday in Las Vegas with presentations from industry leaders like Samsung, LG and Nvidia among many others. The tech...

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GCI Health Announces Expansion of Its Digital Practice

GCI Health has announced a significant expansion of its digital practice to meet the continued and increasing client demand for advanced, integrated digital solutions, including Web 3.0 and immersive experiences.

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Why Healthcare PR Pros Need to Lead With Identity

If we ground our communications in identity, we’re better able to create intentional, multidimensional messaging to help bridge the gaps and form new pathways to nurture healthier communities.

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NFTs: What This New Kid on the Blockchain Means for Healthcare

From digital art to Taco Bell GIFs, NFTs—non-fungible tokens—are captivating the tech world. What are NFTs and what are the implications for healthcare? Here we unpack NFTs and the blockchain to help healthcare brands stay ahead of the curve.

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Mappin g IX Podcast

Mapping the Identity Experience

Kianta Key, Group Senior Vice President and Head of Identity Experience at GCI Health, sat down with MM+M to discuss how healthcare brands can embrace and implement a more nuanced approach to digital communications by leading with identity.

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Are You (Meta)Versed and Ready for Health 3.0?

With everyone talking about the metaverse, but no one really understanding what it is, GCI Health's Kristin Ryan shares what healthcare marketers need to know to stay ahead.

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Healthcare Marketers Won’t Be Left Behind in the Metaverse

Kristin Ryan talks with MM+M about how healthcare marketers are preparing for metaverse.

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An Accountability Strategy That Meets the Moment

The Public Affairs Trifecta model is built on the premise that global health, advocacy and public policy should exist interdependently, whenever possible.

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GCI Health Introduces The Content Collaborative™, a New Unified Content Offering 

GCI Health launches The Content Collaborative™ offering that brings together digital, design, editorial, and creative teams under a single umbrella.

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GCI Health Expands Digital and Health & Wellness Offerings With New Senior Hires

GCI Health today announced the hirings of Kristin Mengel Ryan as Senior Vice President, North America Digital Lead, Jennifer Semetulskis as Senior Vice President, Wellness & Nutrition, and Bailey Roy as Vice President, Head of Analytics.

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